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Management Consultants

World Wide Technology (WWT)

Our partnership with WWT brings together the unique strengths of both firms: The Stemmler Group’s extensive outcome-focused experience in strategic planning, process optimization, and change management combined with WWT’s global large-scale capabilities in technology implementation, digital transformation, and IT consulting.

With this partnership, clients will have access to a seamless combination of outcome-focused strategic consulting services from a boutique relationship-driven management consulting firm, and the implementation capabilities from a global technology leader to help them achieve their business goals. They will benefit from the combined expertise of TSG and WWT to develop and implement innovative solutions that drive enterprise alignment for business growth, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.



Through our strategic partnership with ServiceNow, we provide our valued clients with a seamless avenue to implement strategic recommendations that have been meticulously crafted in close collaboration with The Stemmler Group.


This collaboration harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of an advanced cloud computing platform, acting as a catalyst for the smooth orchestration of digital workflows within their enterprise operations.


By digitizing and automating previously disjointed and compartmentalized processes, we facilitate a remarkable transformation that significantly enhances the experiences of all stakeholders involved in our clients’ organizations. This harmonious fusion of technological expertise and strategic insights creates an environment conducive to heightened efficiency, streamlined operations, and unparalleled productivity in our clients' domains.

Strategic Partners

Our focus is on delivering quantifiable outcomes – cost savings and revenue gains are only the start – via exceptional strategy and execution.


We’re vested in our clients’ success, and our assessments are driven by a deep understanding of how technology can help tame the most complex challenges.

Our strategic partnerships with world-class powerhouses in technology implementation enable us to provide a unique range of comprehensive end-to-end business solutions to our clients that address the complex challenges they face in today's rapidly changing business environment. 

The Stemmler Group is headquartered in metro NYC, with clients and consultants worldwide.

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